We love:

  • Plants. All of them, but especially succulents.
  • Earth. Our love for the planet made us decided that part of Sukkus' profit will go into the protection of the natural habitat of succulents. We also love the muddy earth which a pair of skilled hands can turn into unique and beautiful artisan pots.
  • People. Plants can purify your air, decorate your home, and calm your spirit. We believe that even the smallest plant can bring you big joy!

We don’t love:

  • Plastic. Traditional nurseries use a lot of plastics. We will not. Our plants are mostly grown in clay pots and recycled cardboard pots.

Sukkus Team


My love for plants can be traced back to more than 20 years ago, it has led to my biology and horticulture studies at universities. Even though my professional work so far has not involved any plants, I continued to live my passion for growing plants by volunteering at Ryton Organic Garden, from where I strengthened my growing skills.

In August 2019, I relocated to Switzerland to join my husband in Lucerne and to start our new life here. Leaving behind my garden in the UK was the hardest thing, and living in a flat with a balcony forced me to rethink, and that’s when I started to get to know about succulents. I have never looked back since.


Honestly, I’m slightly doubtful to have a green thumb myself, but this is evened out by Yuan who seems to have at least three of them. At Sukkus, I take care of all technical matters as well as logistics and communication. With an academic background in computer science and professional activities in cyber security, I spend a lot of time in digital worlds. As such, I very much enjoy taking care of a succulent nursery as it allows for a nice change of scenery.